Miniventures… Guess you guys get to see them cuz I am procrastinating for finals.

Maybe I am just procrastinating for finals but this Interterm.. even though I am taking a class. I am going to take adventures.. not necessarily road trips or anywhere. Maybe just to my kitchen to make the things I pinned to my boards on Pinterest. Hike the the Hollywood sign.. Since I have lived in SoCal my whole life and never been. Maybe I will start sewing again. Guess… I have three days to decided what my first “miniventure” will be. Any suggestions? I loved making blankets for Marines but I ran out of the Marines I knew… so if someone has one that is in need of a surprise and a touch of home.. and someone to say that they are appreciated let me know. I can send you a picture of the ones I have done. I would love to make someone feel special right before Christmas.

Guess I should get back to studying now.

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Good and Evil

Humans are more then a heart beat and brain waves. We are our family, our experiences, failures, triumphs, experiences, laugh, nose, eyes,  heart,  skin,  mind,  soul, beliefs, words, thoughts, ideas. We are everything we feel and think. We are a complex mix of mind and body and soul, physical and mental and spiritual.  Humans are what they touch and effect.

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Surprisingly in the 21 Century

I was out interviewing people the other day trying to figure out whether people actually read blogs, what kind of blogs they read, and what was going on in today’s world. I was trying to get better ideas in trying to come up with a way to better this blog. I was trying so hard to find a better way to deal the issues of blogging. I also was looking for tips. I have never really blogged much before so I was hoping to get more “hits”. This may seem like a crazy thing to do but it was important in the fact that I wanted to make my blog interesting enough that someone else finds it important, and I don’t mean someone else as in my mom. I mean someone half way across the country with no connection to me.

I found something that I wouldn’t have expected- especially on a college campus, where I found most of the people I talked to. They had answer like:
“I don’t read blogs at all”
“It takes to much time to find a good blog to read”
“There are so many choices I don’t know where to start”

The blogs people did read: beauty, fashion, DIY tips. No one was interested in anything deeper.

I began to ask if someone would even contemplate reading a blog on information about social issues here is the straightest answer I got:
“If I wanted to get depressed, I could just read the news. I see those issues around me every day. If I am spending my free time on the internet, I am going to enjoy it.”
That was said by Kayla Koehn, Junior.

So, why else don’t people want to read blogs on social issues:
“Blogs aren’t usuaully trustworthy sites for quality information”
“They are too biased, I can never get the facts”
“Blogs just don’t have anyone to check them, who knows if anything is even close to real”

So its not just a matter of even though they are very accessible, they are hard to find an interesting one, people believe they don’t have trustworthy information.

I was actually so upset about this fact that I wanted to do it to prove to these people that don’t read blogs, that blogs could give quality, unbiased information. I wanted to prove that people would read my blog and link to it and say. “She has something worth reading” I know they won’t ever see it, but I hope it works for me.

I asked for tips from people that read blogs here were a few of the most intersting:

1. “Never, ever, ever, admit to a crime on it. It could end up in court.” I was very intersted nt he story behind this, I couldn’t get it no matter how hard I tried.
2. “Use pretty colors”
3. “People will get over things, say what you want. After all it is your blog”
4. “You will never see these people, and if you do, you won’t know so do what you want. Have some balls”

These suggestions helped me realize that people want a solid opinion, they don’t want someone to say I am on the fence about everything. They want sides taken. They never said I had to have answers, just and opinion. I will also remember never to admit a crime on here. The pretty colors one, I think I am going to with something that matches my theme and is easy to read. I don’t think it will hurt anyone’s feelings if a blog about serious issues isn’t raspberry pink and lime green. People want to hear what others have to say they just don’t want to go through the work to find it, or do it themselves. I think this is just another example of where American society is falling into a pit of laziness that is going to come back and bite us it the butt.

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Watching carefully

To tell you the truth this is actually one of my favorite things to do. One of my favorite places to do it Disneyland, if we had been able to pick anywhere to people watch that’s where I would have gone. People are the good and bad in this world and it is so interesting to watch how they work. I have decided to add this for your reading to remind us all, that things are not always as they seem. Remembering that people come from different walks of life can help us overcome some of the major social issues of today.

She wore jeans rolled up to her calves, a yellow t-shirt and a white jacket. Her neon orange and yellow socks were mismatched underneath her scuffed white slip on tennis shoes. Her hair short brown hair is braided in two pigtails.  Her hands are always busy, she is never still. She paced nervously, while as if waiting for someone. She slouched to her right right side under the weight of her oversize red purse. Back and fourth she shuffled. Looking up and rolling her eyes, annoyed, looking at her iPhone, clad in a pink cased covered in rhinestones. Each time she turned the rhinestones on the pockets of her jeans caught the sunlight and sparkled. She sat down after about 5 or 7 minutes of me watching her. She took out a pen and began to tap it on the table. She sits with her legs crossed, her head down focused so she can see the sidewalk coming up but so she can still play the game on her phone with one hand and tap the pen with the other. She is talented at multitasking. When her companion arrived she didn’t get up to greet them she just let them sit down. She lowered her voice and her face took on  a very serious and angry look. She was mad. As she starts to get more and more angry she starts to cry her voice begins to crack, she cannot control her tears, her voice, her body. She shakes, she wipes her eyes and turns away. At this point she grabs her purse and runs to the bathroom. She is there for a few minutes. When she returns, she is collected, her make-up and hair have returned to their previous state of perfection. She can speak normally. She pulls out her phone and begins to distract herself again. Her companion soon gets up to leave. She stays for a while longer seemily still for the first time, then collect her things and leaves.

He wore kaki shorts with teal blue paint splattered over the left side. He wore a black element t-shirt with the logo in a similar color to the paint splatter on his shorts. His white socks hit just above where holey vans hit on his feet. He sat with his coffee and his massive text book at at table littered with papers. He bent over his book, leaning so close to it I am not sure how his now wasn’t touching the page. His neck craned so far over his glasses should have fallen straight off his face. He was hair was disheveled and greasy and is looked like he had forgotten to shave that morning. His headphones were in his ears. He chewed on the back of his highlighter as he read page after page of his book. He rubbed his head as he focused, so his forehead was red. When would tap the beat of his music with his fingers if he got distracted. He walked slowly when he got up to throw his coffee cup away. He then proceeded to order another, with a triple shot of espresso. His voice was tired. He stretched as he waited for it. He then sat back down in the same posture as before. I noticed as he walked though he had a tattoo on his arm that I had not been able to notice before though, an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor- meaning he was probably a Marine either now or at some point in his life.

I went to the Anaheim Garden walk where I sat on a bench in between many of the restaurants and coffee shops on Saturday March 1, 2012 starting at 1:20.

Its amazing how a little bit of knowledge can give you a lot of information. Being socially aware of the people around you and knowledgeable on simple and little things. Remembering at all times that judgments or observations may not be right but they can help us understand a person better if we are willing to see where they maybe coming from.

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“A persons a person no matter how small”- Dr. Seuss.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a book about Jean-Dominique Bauby, who is also the author of the book. There was a question posed to me once about whether or not he was still human, since he couldn’t move or talk .”A persons a person no matter how small”- Dr. Seuss was the title to this post because it reminded me of situations like this. People are not simple not people because something is different about them. I think he is. He thinks and feels and is still human. He is not a vegetable. He still is communicating. He isn’t miserable. He is still finding ways to write, though one letter, one blink at a time. He is still impacting the world. He is still has the aspects of being alive. His body still functions it may not move but that doesn’t mean it is not alive. His mind and his soul and his body the three essential parts of life are all still there. He is still there. He may have a harder time communicating and telling poeple that but there are many people born like that. Many people are born and cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot communicate. We still believe they are alive and people, he is as well. His life will end when he stops changing the lives of others through his books, and through is works, when his words have stopped effecting the world. Life begins when we begin effecting the lives of someone else, the minute someone starts to think about us, the first prenatal vitamin, stoppping smoking, not drinking alcohol, pregnancy tests, any change in a life. Why is life something that we in the American public have come to value so little. A soldiers life being taken is less important then what dress a pop star wore over the weekend? How has this become the world we live in? How have we let it become this. This world has way bigger issues to be dealing with then the color of someone shoes. People that are giving back to our communities, teaching our children, saving lives should be the ones making the huge salaries, not the people who act in a movie. This has gotten out of hand and hopefully there is a way to stop it. I feel we may have stepped onto a slippery slope and turning back is going to take a lot more work then going down, and the American public is lazy. This is not going to be an easy path to travel either way, it will have hurt, heartache and more problems than any one can foresee. I just hope that we remember that people are people, not anything more not anything less. We need to stop giving people so much power over our own lives, and then things may begin to change on smaller scales and then larger scales. If someone says your clothes look ugly, and you like them, forget what they said. To many people are being bullied and not standing up for themselves, I don’t mean get violent. Just do what you want. Don’t let another persons ideas run your life.

Photo Credit: Kelsie McAulay

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Music with a purpose

Heard this song and thought of my last post. It talks about the need for us to see more then just the outside of the person. People need more then money to be happy. That is another scary issue that America has seemed to forget. Listen to the words and remember them as you drive.

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Negativity, sometimes its even my fault

Even I add to the worlds negativty. I hate it. I hate that I do it. I hate that its here. I am doing it again. Great. Here is a story of how I was making the world a terrible place freaking out over nothing, then decided to change it around. Hope you smile at least!

If you have ever visited Southern California you have been in traffic, real traffic. I was sitting in my two hour commute home one night, that usually should take about 30 mins, but people can’t drive. I was annoyed at the time it was taking me as usual. I had my air conditioning turned up on full blast, but since it doesn’t work my car still felt like a sauna. Every preset station on my radio had commercials on it. I was getting mad at all the cars that didn’t know how to merge and I started yelling at this stupid little black smart car that pulled in front of me driving my truck! I was so frustrated. Didn’t this person realize that I could have killed them? I would have totaled their car if it had been the lightest touch in the world! I then had the flashing wave of I really should calm down, what is this traffic in the grand picture of life? It was like sinking into a warm bath on a cold day, or a cool pool on a hot summer afternoon. It was refreshing to be relieved of this anger. At that moment in time I started to let anyone that wanted over into my lane, with a smile and a wave, hoping to brighten someones day. As my week went on I tried to keep that feeling. I tried to continue to make others happy. It was giving me a sense of accomplishment and being apart of something more then just myself. I had grown way to focused on my petty problems I had forgotten all about the problems of the world. I was driving through the drive-thru one night and I bought the lady behind me dinner. I was hoping she would pass it on to the next care and everyone’s day would get a little better, but I have no idea if she did. I didn’t even look back to see if she smiled. This world is a bigger place then just us. Everyone can do something to help make someone else’s day a bit better. Students if your always in someones way, leave them a pack of gum. Co-workers can grab someone a soda when your getting a snack. There is never to much happiness in the world. The world can always use one more smile. Combating the negativity may help combat things like depression, bullying, crash dieting, negative body image. These things are all very detrimental to our society. These things are super important to be remembering in every day life. Once a day. Once a week. At least once a month do something for someone else. It will make your life so much better.

Things to do:
1. Vollunteer at a soup kitchen
2. Buy dinner/ coffee for the person behind you in line
3. Give someone a compliment for no reason
4. Leave someone a note saying how important they are
5. Pack your roommate, spouse, sisters, parents lunch for the day.
6. Make someone their favorite cookies and take them too them.
7. Call an old friend just to talk.
8. Smile at them
9. Send someone an old picture
10. Hug someone that needs it.

Almost anything will work that makes someone else smile. Remember this is for them though not for you, so if you are looking for some kind of praise or acknowledgement you have missed the point. We are looking to just make someone else happy. Hoping  that in the future someone will return the favor to you, not looking for anything in return. Spreading kindness and love is the only way to combat the negativity that has become so prevalent in our society. With war, famine and terrible diseases many people are down. You never know when something simple could make someones day, makes someones week, or could possibly save someones life. Just think that if there was a way for you to help keep someone from committing suicide wouldn’t you do it? Here is the perfect way to start.

Photo Credit: Kelsie McAulay

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