From my bookshelf to yours

I once read a book called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot brought up many of the healthcare issues of the time. It also brought up many other social issues that are still very prevalent in today’s society. There are issues of race, tissue ownership, stem cell research and many others. The thing that I think that irks me the most in this book is the race issues. I understand that it was the time but these people weren’t even asked for consent when there bodies were being examined and samples being taken. That is a violation of privacy, trust, and human rights. Going into a healthcare field as my profession I can’t even imagine that. The entire scientific aspect of stem cell research is very difficult for me. I am not exactly sure where I stand on the issue. I have done research but so much of it is so biased that it is hard to make an educated opinion for myself. The potential for this research to do so much good in the medical community is so amazing but I don’t believe that cloning would be right. Where would our sense of individuality be? Stem cell research just raises to many questions we have never had to deal with in the past. There is also another aspecel of this book that I loved. It may not always be a social issue but it is important to me and many people in the America today. The idea of family and the small town. I love the idea that somethings are more imporant than science, that sometimes people need to be thought about. Doing the right thing is important, but if it hurts other people is it really the right thing? The aspect of family and small town security that no one has to worry that people are going to be giving information without the consent or the knowledge of the family. Henriettas family had already been betrayed in so many ways, building trust was such an essential piece in the puzzle of doing this research. This book was so much of what is important to so many people and so many social issues, it seemed like a perfect fit to be on this blog. The issues may be old, the time frame maybe a different time but I think that makes it better. It shows us that we are not the first generation to ever deal with these problems, we won’t be the last. These issues and more will become a part of everyone’s lives. There are issues that there are a million other social issues that could be brought up but these are the most prevalent.

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