Beauty- what is it?

Is beauty really just what people see? Are we defined solely on the way we look? I read the book Autobiography a Face by Lucy Grealy. She was tormented and teased by her peers. She never felt as if anyone ever allowed her to be herself. She was always just her face, a face that had cancer, a face with deformity. This book brought in so many of the social issues of today’s world it was perfect. She is so self centered, she barely talks at all about her family. She is bullied by every student around her, in her mind. She is driven to surgery after surgery in this quest for beauty. She never begins to feel as if any part of her is enough to make her pretty. If someone had been a friend. If someone had looked deeper then her appearance, they would have known she was a normal child. This book was heart breaking to read knowing that the author was driven to addiction and suicide at a very young age. It should be at least a thought for people, think about what you say, the way you look at people. It has a bigger effect than you may think. Hoping to have a normal life, she went through surgery after surgery to find this self that wasn’t her. This book is a must read for anyone dealing with the issues of beauty. Remember that things can always be worse. There is always something beautiful about everyone.

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