Negativity, sometimes its even my fault

Even I add to the worlds negativty. I hate it. I hate that I do it. I hate that its here. I am doing it again. Great. Here is a story of how I was making the world a terrible place freaking out over nothing, then decided to change it around. Hope you smile at least!

If you have ever visited Southern California you have been in traffic, real traffic. I was sitting in my two hour commute home one night, that usually should take about 30 mins, but people can’t drive. I was annoyed at the time it was taking me as usual. I had my air conditioning turned up on full blast, but since it doesn’t work my car still felt like a sauna. Every preset station on my radio had commercials on it. I was getting mad at all the cars that didn’t know how to merge and I started yelling at this stupid little black smart car that pulled in front of me driving my truck! I was so frustrated. Didn’t this person realize that I could have killed them? I would have totaled their car if it had been the lightest touch in the world! I then had the flashing wave of I really should calm down, what is this traffic in the grand picture of life? It was like sinking into a warm bath on a cold day, or a cool pool on a hot summer afternoon. It was refreshing to be relieved of this anger. At that moment in time I started to let anyone that wanted over into my lane, with a smile and a wave, hoping to brighten someones day. As my week went on I tried to keep that feeling. I tried to continue to make others happy. It was giving me a sense of accomplishment and being apart of something more then just myself. I had grown way to focused on my petty problems I had forgotten all about the problems of the world. I was driving through the drive-thru one night and I bought the lady behind me dinner. I was hoping she would pass it on to the next care and everyone’s day would get a little better, but I have no idea if she did. I didn’t even look back to see if she smiled. This world is a bigger place then just us. Everyone can do something to help make someone else’s day a bit better. Students if your always in someones way, leave them a pack of gum. Co-workers can grab someone a soda when your getting a snack. There is never to much happiness in the world. The world can always use one more smile. Combating the negativity may help combat things like depression, bullying, crash dieting, negative body image. These things are all very detrimental to our society. These things are super important to be remembering in every day life. Once a day. Once a week. At least once a month do something for someone else. It will make your life so much better.

Things to do:
1. Vollunteer at a soup kitchen
2. Buy dinner/ coffee for the person behind you in line
3. Give someone a compliment for no reason
4. Leave someone a note saying how important they are
5. Pack your roommate, spouse, sisters, parents lunch for the day.
6. Make someone their favorite cookies and take them too them.
7. Call an old friend just to talk.
8. Smile at them
9. Send someone an old picture
10. Hug someone that needs it.

Almost anything will work that makes someone else smile. Remember this is for them though not for you, so if you are looking for some kind of praise or acknowledgement you have missed the point. We are looking to just make someone else happy. Hoping  that in the future someone will return the favor to you, not looking for anything in return. Spreading kindness and love is the only way to combat the negativity that has become so prevalent in our society. With war, famine and terrible diseases many people are down. You never know when something simple could make someones day, makes someones week, or could possibly save someones life. Just think that if there was a way for you to help keep someone from committing suicide wouldn’t you do it? Here is the perfect way to start.

Photo Credit: Kelsie McAulay

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