“A persons a person no matter how small”- Dr. Seuss.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a book about Jean-Dominique Bauby, who is also the author of the book. There was a question posed to me once about whether or not he was still human, since he couldn’t move or talk .”A persons a person no matter how small”- Dr. Seuss was the title to this post because it reminded me of situations like this. People are not simple not people because something is different about them. I think he is. He thinks and feels and is still human. He is not a vegetable. He still is communicating. He isn’t miserable. He is still finding ways to write, though one letter, one blink at a time. He is still impacting the world. He is still has the aspects of being alive. His body still functions it may not move but that doesn’t mean it is not alive. His mind and his soul and his body the three essential parts of life are all still there. He is still there. He may have a harder time communicating and telling poeple that but there are many people born like that. Many people are born and cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot communicate. We still believe they are alive and people, he is as well. His life will end when he stops changing the lives of others through his books, and through is works, when his words have stopped effecting the world. Life begins when we begin effecting the lives of someone else, the minute someone starts to think about us, the first prenatal vitamin, stoppping smoking, not drinking alcohol, pregnancy tests, any change in a life. Why is life something that we in the American public have come to value so little. A soldiers life being taken is less important then what dress a pop star wore over the weekend? How has this become the world we live in? How have we let it become this. This world has way bigger issues to be dealing with then the color of someone shoes. People that are giving back to our communities, teaching our children, saving lives should be the ones making the huge salaries, not the people who act in a movie. This has gotten out of hand and hopefully there is a way to stop it. I feel we may have stepped onto a slippery slope and turning back is going to take a lot more work then going down, and the American public is lazy. This is not going to be an easy path to travel either way, it will have hurt, heartache and more problems than any one can foresee. I just hope that we remember that people are people, not anything more not anything less. We need to stop giving people so much power over our own lives, and then things may begin to change on smaller scales and then larger scales. If someone says your clothes look ugly, and you like them, forget what they said. To many people are being bullied and not standing up for themselves, I don’t mean get violent. Just do what you want. Don’t let another persons ideas run your life.

Photo Credit: Kelsie McAulay

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