Watching carefully

To tell you the truth this is actually one of my favorite things to do. One of my favorite places to do it Disneyland, if we had been able to pick anywhere to people watch that’s where I would have gone. People are the good and bad in this world and it is so interesting to watch how they work. I have decided to add this for your reading to remind us all, that things are not always as they seem. Remembering that people come from different walks of life can help us overcome some of the major social issues of today.

She wore jeans rolled up to her calves, a yellow t-shirt and a white jacket. Her neon orange and yellow socks were mismatched underneath her scuffed white slip on tennis shoes. Her hair short brown hair is braided in two pigtails.  Her hands are always busy, she is never still. She paced nervously, while as if waiting for someone. She slouched to her right right side under the weight of her oversize red purse. Back and fourth she shuffled. Looking up and rolling her eyes, annoyed, looking at her iPhone, clad in a pink cased covered in rhinestones. Each time she turned the rhinestones on the pockets of her jeans caught the sunlight and sparkled. She sat down after about 5 or 7 minutes of me watching her. She took out a pen and began to tap it on the table. She sits with her legs crossed, her head down focused so she can see the sidewalk coming up but so she can still play the game on her phone with one hand and tap the pen with the other. She is talented at multitasking. When her companion arrived she didn’t get up to greet them she just let them sit down. She lowered her voice and her face took on  a very serious and angry look. She was mad. As she starts to get more and more angry she starts to cry her voice begins to crack, she cannot control her tears, her voice, her body. She shakes, she wipes her eyes and turns away. At this point she grabs her purse and runs to the bathroom. She is there for a few minutes. When she returns, she is collected, her make-up and hair have returned to their previous state of perfection. She can speak normally. She pulls out her phone and begins to distract herself again. Her companion soon gets up to leave. She stays for a while longer seemily still for the first time, then collect her things and leaves.

He wore kaki shorts with teal blue paint splattered over the left side. He wore a black element t-shirt with the logo in a similar color to the paint splatter on his shorts. His white socks hit just above where holey vans hit on his feet. He sat with his coffee and his massive text book at at table littered with papers. He bent over his book, leaning so close to it I am not sure how his now wasn’t touching the page. His neck craned so far over his glasses should have fallen straight off his face. He was hair was disheveled and greasy and is looked like he had forgotten to shave that morning. His headphones were in his ears. He chewed on the back of his highlighter as he read page after page of his book. He rubbed his head as he focused, so his forehead was red. When would tap the beat of his music with his fingers if he got distracted. He walked slowly when he got up to throw his coffee cup away. He then proceeded to order another, with a triple shot of espresso. His voice was tired. He stretched as he waited for it. He then sat back down in the same posture as before. I noticed as he walked though he had a tattoo on his arm that I had not been able to notice before though, an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor- meaning he was probably a Marine either now or at some point in his life.

I went to the Anaheim Garden walk where I sat on a bench in between many of the restaurants and coffee shops on Saturday March 1, 2012 starting at 1:20.

Its amazing how a little bit of knowledge can give you a lot of information. Being socially aware of the people around you and knowledgeable on simple and little things. Remembering at all times that judgments or observations may not be right but they can help us understand a person better if we are willing to see where they maybe coming from.

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