Surprisingly in the 21 Century

I was out interviewing people the other day trying to figure out whether people actually read blogs, what kind of blogs they read, and what was going on in today’s world. I was trying to get better ideas in trying to come up with a way to better this blog. I was trying so hard to find a better way to deal the issues of blogging. I also was looking for tips. I have never really blogged much before so I was hoping to get more “hits”. This may seem like a crazy thing to do but it was important in the fact that I wanted to make my blog interesting enough that someone else finds it important, and I don’t mean someone else as in my mom. I mean someone half way across the country with no connection to me.

I found something that I wouldn’t have expected- especially on a college campus, where I found most of the people I talked to. They had answer like:
“I don’t read blogs at all”
“It takes to much time to find a good blog to read”
“There are so many choices I don’t know where to start”

The blogs people did read: beauty, fashion, DIY tips. No one was interested in anything deeper.

I began to ask if someone would even contemplate reading a blog on information about social issues here is the straightest answer I got:
“If I wanted to get depressed, I could just read the news. I see those issues around me every day. If I am spending my free time on the internet, I am going to enjoy it.”
That was said by Kayla Koehn, Junior.

So, why else don’t people want to read blogs on social issues:
“Blogs aren’t usuaully trustworthy sites for quality information”
“They are too biased, I can never get the facts”
“Blogs just don’t have anyone to check them, who knows if anything is even close to real”

So its not just a matter of even though they are very accessible, they are hard to find an interesting one, people believe they don’t have trustworthy information.

I was actually so upset about this fact that I wanted to do it to prove to these people that don’t read blogs, that blogs could give quality, unbiased information. I wanted to prove that people would read my blog and link to it and say. “She has something worth reading” I know they won’t ever see it, but I hope it works for me.

I asked for tips from people that read blogs here were a few of the most intersting:

1. “Never, ever, ever, admit to a crime on it. It could end up in court.” I was very intersted nt he story behind this, I couldn’t get it no matter how hard I tried.
2. “Use pretty colors”
3. “People will get over things, say what you want. After all it is your blog”
4. “You will never see these people, and if you do, you won’t know so do what you want. Have some balls”

These suggestions helped me realize that people want a solid opinion, they don’t want someone to say I am on the fence about everything. They want sides taken. They never said I had to have answers, just and opinion. I will also remember never to admit a crime on here. The pretty colors one, I think I am going to with something that matches my theme and is easy to read. I don’t think it will hurt anyone’s feelings if a blog about serious issues isn’t raspberry pink and lime green. People want to hear what others have to say they just don’t want to go through the work to find it, or do it themselves. I think this is just another example of where American society is falling into a pit of laziness that is going to come back and bite us it the butt.

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