Miniventures… Guess you guys get to see them cuz I am procrastinating for finals.

Maybe I am just procrastinating for finals but this Interterm.. even though I am taking a class. I am going to take adventures.. not necessarily road trips or anywhere. Maybe just to my kitchen to make the things I pinned to my boards on Pinterest. Hike the the Hollywood sign.. Since I have lived in SoCal my whole life and never been. Maybe I will start sewing again. Guess… I have three days to decided what my first “miniventure” will be. Any suggestions? I loved making blankets for Marines but I ran out of the Marines I knew… so if someone has one that is in need of a surprise and a touch of home.. and someone to say that they are appreciated let me know. I can send you a picture of the ones I have done. I would love to make someone feel special right before Christmas.

Guess I should get back to studying now.

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